We are accepting individuals or married couples who desire to gain experience working on a natural farm, participating in direct-to-consumer sales, working towards sustainability, and all that it entails. Applicants should meet the following qualifications:

  • --Self-starter, situationally aware, go-get-‘em attitude, responsible, teachable, positive, non-complaining, grateful, rejoicing, dependable, faithful, perseverant, clean-cut appearance. Everything you do both on and off the farm will represent our family and our farm, so we are very, very discriminatory when it comes to these characteristics.
  • --Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • --Must be willing to conserve. If you choose to accept our room and board accommodations, you will be expected to be very conservation conscious of our water and electricity. Animals and farm come before human luxury.
  • --Must have own transportation, in most cases. For farm-related errands, however, you will have access to our farm truck.
  • --Come prepared and willing to WORK! We will not tolerate free-loaders or laziness.
  • --Must have own medical insurance.


Another big advantage of this position is our flexibility. Do you need to attend school or work a part-time job in town during your internship? We can possibly work with that. Each season has its own projects, educational experiences, and challenges. Feel free to ask us about where your interests might be best suited.


This position is ideal for someone who wants to jump ahead and reduce the learning curve when you start your own farm in the future. We love encouraging the next generation of sustainable farmers and food-growers, and are happy to teach you what we've learned along the way. If you live on the farm, you will be welcome to become part of our family most days. You will be expected to clean up after yourself. This is a labor-intensive position, and you should be prepared for that. Tasks often depend on the season, but other position-related responsibilities that you may assist with include:

  • --Building and repairing perimeter fences
  • --Moving rotational grazing fences
  • --Moving portable poultry tractors
  • --Maintaining tidiness around farm
  • --Preparing horses for farm work
  • --Milking goats
  • --Processing animals on the farm
  • --Working directly with customers
  • --Assisting with classes, clinics, and tours
  • --Managing woodlands
  • --Milling and working with lumber
  • --General weeding and landscaping
  • --Orchard pruning and care
  • --Tending the gardens
  • --Conversion of wildlands to silvopasture
  • --Various construction projects
  • --Assisting with baby animals
  • --Assisting with care of wild or gentled mustangs in our TIP program


This is a unique opportunity that requires no experience, only a willing, hard-working, honest attitude, and an openness to learning. In return, you will receive priceless and long-lasting benefits, including:

  • --Learn valuable concepts regarding pasture management, rotational grazing, deciding stocking rates, determining fencelines, conserving and protecting resources, land stewardship, farming without chemicals or genetically modified organisms, pest control methods, how to process animals, basic engineering and building skills, deep bedding and composting techniques, animal care and handling skills, breeding and delivery of baby animals (seasonal), timber and grass mangement, "reading" timber, and so much more!
  • --Memories and experiences that you can reference for the rest of your life.
  • --Even if you don't ever plan to run a farm, you will learn life-skills such as leadership skills, independent thinking, problem solving, customer service skills, business skills, and more!
  • --When you first start, you will likely be exhausted, sore, fatigued, worn-out, and achy for a few days. Our pace is not quite as bad as military basic training, but close enough. When you leave, however, if you dedicate yourself fully and give it your best, you are guaranteed to leave more fit and strong, and with more stamina and confidence than you've ever dreamed of! Emotionally, you will have learned to cherish and enjoy a hard day's work, and you will gain a new appreciation for your food and environment.

As if the physical, educational, and emotional benefits weren't enough, we also offer actual short-term benefits not found during most internships. These are somewhat negotiable and will be based on the hours and effort you put in, but may include:

  • --Full room and board is possible. We also have other options we can discuss.
  • --All meals can be provided during your work hours or with full board, but these are negotiable.
  • --Position may extend to seasonal or long term partnership, in which case you would have the opportunity to develop your own farm enterprise. We may be willing to assist with land, customers, and other resources, depending on the situation. What a great way to get a head start on your own farm with minimal risk or resources!

Short-Term Work Exchange

If you aren't interested in an internship, but would still like to experience farm life in a hands-on work exchange, we can still help! We receive frequent inquiries about short-term stays. Many of the intern character attributes apply. However, if you'd like to spend only a few days up to a week or so experiencing farm life and learning all sorts of skills, then this program might suit you well. Think of it as a "working vacation." Expectations are similar to our internship work, but you will be working right alongside the farm owners or the interns to gain as much education and experience as possible. To ensure you leave having met your personal goals, we also work with you to ensure you get to experience the work that focuses on what you are most interested in (i.e. rotational grazing, broiler chickens, draft horses, etc.) For more information, just contact us!

How do I apply?!

If we haven't scared you away yet, and this position sounds right up your alley, then simply use our "Contact Us" form. Tell us a little about yourself, any special needs or accomodations required, your goals and future farm desires, what you would hope to learn/gain from this experience, and what your particular areas of interest are. If you have work experience or references worth noting, feel free to include that as well. We will reply and go from there.